No updates for 1 month?

Friday, April 04, 2008

Yeah..i'm just so lazy to update the blog nowadays..

so what's new?

I'll be moving on to a new company end of the month. Well, certainly hope that i'll gain valuable experience and learn something better.

Taking my SND exam too, haven't book my time yet though.

What else?

Oh yes, I'll be performing with my band at Jrock Kindom event on 10th May at Ruums, KL. Come and watch us if you have the time.

Click below to have more info on the event.

J-Rock Kingdom

Till then. tata

Happy Chinese New Year

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year guys! for those who are celebrating it.

Make sure to collect lots of ang pau this year.

Just finished my night shift, and probably going to do some last minute shopping later.

Suki wishes you a happy chinese new year!


TOUR 08 Death Over Blindness

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New japan tour, all in may.

5/1 [OSAKA] Namba Hatch
5/2 [OSAKA] Namba Hatch
5/3 [OSAKA] Namba Hatch
5/16 [MIYAGI] Zepp Sendai
5/17 [MIYAGI] Zepp Sendai
5/19 [AOMORI] Aomori Quarter
5/20 [AOMORI] Aomori Quarter
5/23 [KANAGAWA] Yokohama BLITZ
5/24 [KANAGAWA] Yokohama BLITZ
5/28 [TOKYO] Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
5/29 [TOKYO] Shinkiba STUDIO COAST
5/30 [TOKYO] Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

How fast can you go?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

100 words

free Touch typing


Tuesday, January 29, 2008



The Miss'ess's Birthday

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm suppose to blog this out two weeks ago but i've only managed to get the pictures recently, so i'm blogging it at the end of the month. Slow, i know.

I brought her to KL tower to have a nice dinner. It was one of the top floors. When we arrived, we were presented with a la carte or buffet style. After flipping through the a la carte menu, we decided on the buffet. There was nothing much on a la carte, 4-5 choices? Mostly fish dishes and seafood which my miss'ess doesn't fancy it.

The restaurant was actually a revolving restaurant where we get to see around KL city. The revolving speed was just nice as you don't really realizet that it's moving, some say that it's a slow, but i thought it was okay. My miss'ess didn't even realize that the restaurant was revolving, she thought that her eyes were playing tricks on her. One moment she saw the twin tower, the other moment it's gone.

Okay enought talking, time for some pictures! No food pictures though, we were too hungry and gobbled it down before we get to take pictures of it. There were three sections for buffet, the malay food section, western and sushi, and the dessert section.

Some part of KL.

Here we're getting nearing to KLCC

And here we have it, the twin towers.

And here we have my beautiful miss'ess sipping on her wine.

Going for second round!

my miss'ess, sorry out of focus picture, hehe

ME! Can anyone teach me how to edit that ghost behind?

Some part of KL

Another part of KL

Conclusion : The price i paid for two person that night was about RM 300++. The food was okay, nothing to shout about. (I and my miss'ess liked the lamb though, that was good) I guess if you want the ambience it's okay to go there but not for the food. Certainly hope my miss'ess is happy with the day.

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Die (dir en grey) in ESP Technical House

Friday, January 25, 2008


Die did an unexpected visit to ESP's Technical House. They probably got a shocked. haha They even had him signed one of the guitars there. He looks pretty damn pale there